How Long Does Invisalign Take to Straighten Teeth?

Invisalign is a great alternative to traditional orthodontic appliances, offering a discreet and comfortable way to straighten teeth. In most cases, it takes between nine and twelve months to complete the process, but this can vary depending on the condition of your teeth and the extent of the treatment. My patients typically wear their aligners for 10 days each and, in most cases, around 25 to 30 aligners. This means that the patient would use their trays for approximately 300 days or less than a year.

This is ideal for therapy with transparent aligners because, in many cases, it is usually shorter than traditional orthodontic appliances. In short, a perfect smile can be achieved with Invisalign in as little as 12 to 18 months for most adults. The Invisalign process often starts showing results within a few weeks. A new set of aligners is provided every week or two, and the aligners should be worn 20 to 22 hours a day.

But in general, you can expect treatment to last between 1 and 1.5 years. For many people, you'll start to see a noticeable difference in just 2 or 3 months after using these aligners. You can receive as few as five sets of trays for very mild cases or more than 26 sets of trays for complex problems. However, no matter how many trays you need, you'll benefit from comfortable, transparent orthodontic appliances that most people won't notice. If you're interested in getting Invisalign for your crowded teeth, come to Smile Saver's Dentistry in Columbia, MD.

That's why it's vital that you consult thoroughly with them; they'll be able to tell you if you're a good candidate for Invisalign or not. The number of Invisalign trays you need depends on the condition of your teeth and the extent of the treatment. You shouldn't change the tray prematurely, as your teeth may not be ready for that yet, but you can use the trays for the maximum amount of time each day. Finally, see your dentist for quick and appropriate treatment if you have any problems with your Invisalign treatment, such as unbearable pain or discomfort. If you're wondering what can make your Invisalign treatment time shorter or longer, keep reading. Most patients are interested in how aligners compare to more traditional metal braces, and many assume that transparent trays shouldn't be as effective as heavy metal arches. In general, the process of straightening your teeth should take between nine and twelve months.

However, if you have significant tooth problems, you may need to use up to 40 trays to align your teeth correctly, and it may take up to two years.

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