Caring for Your Gums While Wearing Invisalign Aligners

Clear aligners are a great way to straighten your teeth, and there are specific instructions to follow while wearing Invisalign aligners. It is important to remember that the gum will stick to the Invisalign aligners, so it is best to remove them at all meals and snacks, including gum. To help soothe any pain, drink cool water while wearing the aligners. Avoid sugary drinks, such as juices or soft drinks, which can cause tooth decay and damage your teeth.

It is also okay to suck on small ice cubes, but make sure you don't bite them while they're in your mouth. If any of these symptoms worsen when the aligners are on your teeth, stop wearing them. Invisalign transparent aligners are made with the patented SmartTrack material that moves your teeth comfortably and predictably. We cannot guarantee a specific treatment outcome, but it is important to share your treatment goals with your Invisalign doctor during your consultation.

Chewing on hard ice can cause unnecessary pain because your teeth can become sensitive to chewing on hard foods while using Invisalign. Your Vivera retainers will be custom-made from an impression or scan of your teeth using the same cutting-edge technology used for Invisalign transparent aligners. Your Invisalign doctor will create a unique digital treatment plan that maps the exact movements of your teeth. Some patients may receive a prescription for a special toothpaste or gel to use when cleaning their teeth at home.

For the first two or three days after placing a new Invisalign aligner, try to follow a diet that consists mainly of soft foods. The most common cases where people feel pain with their aligners is when they first start using Invisalign and when they switch to a new aligner tray. You can take them off for special occasions, such as a wedding, a job interview or to play your favorite sport or instrument. There are several options to make Invisalign treatment more affordable for you, from using insurance and tax-free dollars to a monthly payment plan.

It is also important to remember that most doctors recommend that anyone who has completed orthodontic treatment, whether with braces or Invisalign treatment, use a retainer to prevent their teeth from gradually returning to their starting position. To help alleviate the pain of Invisalign, it is recommended that you sleep during the initial adjustment period and not put on or take off your aligners to eat. So what can you do to ensure that your mouth, teeth, gums, and jaw joints stay healthy while you undergo Invisalign treatment? It is important to remove your aligners at all meals and snacks, including gum. Drink cool water while wearing the aligners and avoid sugary drinks which can cause tooth decay and damage your teeth.

Make sure not to bite on hard ice cubes while they're in your mouth and follow a diet consisting mainly of soft foods for the first two or three days after placing a new Invisalign aligner. Additionally, use a retainer after completing orthodontic treatment and sleep during the initial adjustment period.

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