Do I Really Need Invisalign Cleaning Crystals?

Do you need to take extra steps to keep your Invisalign aligners and retainers clean? To ensure that your aligners are free of bacteria and viruses, especially in times of coronavirus, it is important to properly care for them every day. Invisalign cleaning crystals are the safest way to do this, but there are other alternatives available. This article will provide an overview of Invisalign cleaning crystals and other products that can be used to keep your aligners and retainers clean. Invisalign cleaning crystals are specially designed to kill bacteria that can grow on aligners. They use a sodium-based ingredient that can smell like chlorine after soaking them.

It is recommended to use Invisalign cleaning crystals to clean your aligners or retainers at least once or twice a day. This will help dissolve the plaque that could be growing inside the Invisalign trays and prevent the accumulation of food debris and bad breath. Although Invisalign cleaning crystals are the best option for cleaning aligners or retention trays, there are other alternatives that some people use. Denture cleaners such as Polident and Efferdent are also effective at cleaning aligners and retainers. Additionally, there are many other products on the market, ranging from other cleansing crystals and tablets to foams and gels. It is important to remember that aligners should be cleaned at least once a day, but twice a day is preferred to prevent them from changing color or developing an odor.

Treat aligners like teeth and clean them often, especially after eating and drinking. This will help keep your mouth cool and prevent bad breath. In conclusion, Invisalign cleaning crystals are the safest way to ensure that transparent aligners are free of bacteria and viruses. However, there are other alternatives available such as denture cleaners, cleansing crystals, tablets, foams, and gels. Remember to treat your aligners like teeth and clean them often for optimal oral hygiene.

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