How Long Does It Take to Get Invisalign for the First Time?

The process of receiving Invisalign aligners usually takes about four weeks. It is a lengthy process because, once the dentist has taken the impressions of the teeth, they must be sent to the Invisalign laboratory along with instructions on how the treatment should progress. The Invisalign journey begins with an initial consultation. After this, you will have your three-dimensional digital scans taken.

These three-dimensional scans will be used to design your new smile and will allow computer software to calculate the number of aligners needed. After performing all of these calculations and having approved the look of your new smile, Align Technologies Inc. can start the manufacturing process. The actual manufacture of Invisalign often only takes a few hours, as the most advanced 3D manufacturing processes are used.

Once the trays are manufactured, they can be sent to the office. Most patients adapt to wearing their aligners within a week or two, but consistent use is key. The more you use the aligners, the faster you'll get used to them. It is important to wear them for at least 22 hours every day and understand that if you don't use them as much, it will take longer to achieve the desired end result.

In the meantime, hang in there and your aligners should feel more comfortable soon. During the first week of treatment with Invisalign, expect your aligners to be very tight. Your dentist will show you how to insert and remove them, but it may be a little difficult at first. Removing them will become easier over time as they come loose.

As they are designed to start actively moving your teeth, you'll likely feel some discomfort for the first few days. However, most people find that this pain goes away after the first week. It is possible that additional treatments may need to be done before using Invisalign, such as tooth extraction to leave enough space. While Invisalign treatment can last between 6 and 12 months, this additional treatment will increase the total treatment time for crowded teeth.

If you only have a couple of small spaces between your front teeth, it may be appropriate to use Invisalign Go; this treatment usually lasts about 6 months. We have also included some Invisalign results in relevant sections so you can see how long it takes to achieve an ideal smile. Many people wonder how long Invisalign takes, either to place the aligners in the first place or to solve a particular dental problem. Invisalign offers an effective alternative to traditional metal braces for many patients and is preferred for multiple reasons.

When your aligners are placed, your dentist will tell you to keep your teeth and your Invisalign aligners clean. This biofilm is a natural layer that forms on the teeth; if not cleaned, it can harden and turn into tartar which can look unsightly and even make it difficult to place Invisalign braces. If you are considering opting for Invisalign orthodontics with transparent aligner – lightweight, comfortable and practical – once you have gone through a consultation process and have your aligners placed, the next step is to see your dentist to receive your first set of Invisalign aligners. Your orthodontist sends these records and impressions to Invisalign headquarters where specialized technicians use them to design your treatment plan.

It is essential that you make sure you wear your Invisalign aligners for about 22 hours a day; this will help ensure that you get results faster than if you don't wear them as much. You've heard that you'll spend less time in the orthodontist's office with Invisalign but before you decide on a treatment plan, it's important that you learn more about what to expect from your appointments. If you decide to use Retainer Brite Invisalign cleansing crystals, it is recommended that you use them every day. If you have any questions about your alignment trays or if you feel discomfort during your Invisalign treatment, don't hesitate to call us at Cedar Walk Dentistry.

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